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Nuritional Coaching

In order to keep our bodies feeling and functioning at our best, optimum fuel is required in the form of food and drink. However, food is more than information that shapes our daily lives, health, and function; it also tells stories of our families, communities, and cultures. Thus, the healthiest people in the world don’t necessarily have a single nutrition philosophy, as the human body adapts amazingly well to many different ways of eating. This also makes good nutrition more similar than different.

At Body By Briggs, we recognize that clients are unique: each person has a different body type, fitness level and/or body composition, dietary preferences, time available for food preparation, and nutrition and diet history. We work from the premise that there is no one “best diet.” Rather, we embrace each client’s individuality and help them take action which helps them feel and perform daily tasks at their very best.

Nutritional Coaching as offered at Body By Briggs is offered as general nutrition advice versus medical nutrition therapy. The goal of nutrition coaching is to assist individuals gain fundamental knowledge regarding good nutrition, which can then be utilized to make the best decisions regarding meal planning for themselves and their families to support healthy, active lifestyles. Combined with safe, enjoyable exercise programming, clients are well on their way to enjoying many years of ensuring good health as well as good memories to be made and shared with family and friends.

Coaching begins with an initial consultation, often in conjunction with establishing a new exercise routine. Programs are tailored to meet the goals of the client, whether those goals revolve around improved athletic performance or embracing a healthier lifestyle. Contact Us today atIrving, Euless, Grapevine, colleyville, highland park & grapevine,TX Centers to find out how nutrition coaching can best help you live and move at your prime.

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