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Chronic Pain Relief

When an injury occurs, pain signals are sent from the injured area up the spinal cord and then to the brain. As the injury begins to heal, pain usually becomes less severe. However, chronic pain is different. The body continues to send pain signals to the brain, even if the injury has healed.

Chronic pain can can occur in any part of the body and last several weeks to several years. It can limit mobility and make it very challenging to get through daily tasks and participate in normal activities. Chronic pain may feel dull or sharp, steady or intermittent. Common types of chronic pain include lower back pain, arthritis pain and neurogenic pain.

Physical Therapy and Chronic Pain

A physical therapist will do a comprehensive exam to assess the root cause of your chronic pain. Using that information, a physical therapist will customize an individualized therapy plan while working closely with you to set goals for completing activities, recording progress, and noting any difficulties.

The process of overcoming chronic pain can be long and complex. The goal of physical therapy is to reduce pain, and to increase strength and flexibility gradually. It is also intended to manage pain, sustain long-term recovery and prevent the future recurrence of pain. In addition, a physical therapist may teach you how to incorporate ergonomic principles into daily life, recommend a personalized home exercise program as part of pain management, address obstacles encountered while overcoming your chronic pain, and provide support.For more information, Contact Us today at Irving, Euless, Grapevine, colleyville, highland park & grapevine,TX CentersĀ for a consultation.

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