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Fundamental Capacity Screening

The Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS) is a new assessment developed by Functional Movement Systems. It seeks to quantify balance, strength, power, and energy storing efficiency.

The FCS begins with a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) if no recent screen data is available. Five areas of capacity are then measured. These are:

  1. Lower Body Clearing and Motor Control Screen
  2. Upper Body Clearing and Motor Control Screen
  3. Power Screen
  4. Energy Storing Screen
  5. Carry Screen

In addition, Proxy Testing may be included to enhance or serve as alternative test measurements. Some of these tests may include grip strength, bottoms up kettlebell test, and/or flexed and extended arm hang.

Exercise programming based upon screening results aim to maximize a client’s ability to carry, store energy, and express power. Increased performance efficiency in these areas serve to not only form a basis for sport-specific skill acquisition for athletes, but to enhance the performance of daily routines for all active men and women.

The completion of the FCS ideally would take place after the completion of a rehabilitation program, prior to the return to sport or work specific activity. The FCS is also beneficial for offseason or preseason athletics, as testing may be of great assistance in establishing or refining training programs. If you would like to know how the Fundamental Capacity Screen may assist you in achieving your performance goals, Contact Us today at Irving, Euless, Grapevine, colleyville, highland park & grapevine,TX Centers to determine how testing may best serve you and your needs.

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